Also known as “The General”, Jimmy Yoon is the Founder and Co-Director of the DC Style Salsa Academy, the largest salsa school in the DC/Maryland/Virginia region. Jimmy comes from a proud lineage of dancers, stemming from the fundamental teachings of Erik Rodriguez of Okinawa. Jimmy has been dancing salsa for well over a decade, and was personally mentored by Chris Harris of Tokyo and Lady Bokyoung Kim of Seoul, Korea. While in the military, stationed in Seoul, he became a disciple of Chris Harris. Chris trained Jimmy based on the training Chris received from Erik Rodriguez, while also imparting to Jimmy the On2 Salsa Style of Washington, DC.
During his intense training under Chris, Jimmy was always inspired by DC dance legends like Psyon “Dee” Scott and Shaka Brown. Shortly after moving to DC in late 2007, Jimmy was scouted and recruited by ClaveKazi Director, Shaka Brown, to become an instructor at his studio. It was there that Jimmy apprenticed in salsa dance instruction for over 3 years, under the watchful eyes of Shaka Brown and Co-Director Irene Holtzman. During his time at ClaveKazi Dance Studio, Jimmy learned the CK method of instruction, while developing his own detailed, technique oriented methodology in teaching salsa dance. Jimmy was also recruited by DC’s very own Mr. Mambo to be the resident On2 instructor at the Legendary Mr. Mambo’s Dance Social, the premier dance event and longest running dance social in the Washington DC Metro Area. Jimmy has been teaching at Mr. Mambo’s for the past 6 years and continues to provide detailed, engaging instruction to countless dancers who attend Mr. Mambo’s Social.
In total, Jimmy has been teaching salsa dance, professionally and continuously, for the past 8 years. Jimmy has taught well over a thousand hours of salsa instruction, has led hundreds of students, and has instructed over a thousand classes and workshops in DC, across the US, in Korea, Thailand, Spain, Finland, Brazil, Malaysia, and Singapore. He has also personally trained 12 instructors to date.
He is a frequent guest instructor at The iconic Stuck On Salsa events in Washington DC and is a frequent invited instructor at the DC Salsa Congress, DC Bachata Congress, and many other festivals and congresses around the world. Jimmy is also the organizer of the SALSACON festivals, an international “underground” salsa festival that takes place annually in various parts of the world. In 2012, Jimmy founded the DC Style Salsa Academy in an effort to codify, preserve, and promote the regional style of On2 dancing, native to the DC Metro Area.
To contact Jimmy directly, please email him at jimmy@dcstylesalsa.com. Or please visit the contact page.

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